Zubby Newsletter – December 4, 1999

Let’s see…

As you all can see, this e-mail is going out to a heck of a lot of people. I figured it would be easier to just send it out in one mighty swath.

There’s some changes in the world of Zub and that’s why I haven’t been in touch with anybody. The roller coaster ride continues and…

I’m back in Ontario to stay.

I learned a hell of a lot in Calgary and made some great friends. I’ve gained experience I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else and it’s definitely set me on a different path. Whatever job I get in January, I know what I’m aiming for now.

The majority of you are on this newsletter list to stay in touch with me and find out what’s happening in my life. Now, that should be a little bit easier since I’ll be living in Toronto again 🙂

My year and 7 month quest in Calgary is over and the New Year is starting with new opportunities. I’m going to take a little quiet time for myself before the holidays. If I haven’t been in touch with you on an individual basis, don’t take it personally, I’ve been really busy with the move and everything. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve been in touch with almost everybody in the last week.

I’ll have a new snail mail address forthcoming as well as a phone number. If you really need to mail me something, my parent’s address is a safe one and anything for me will make it’s way into my hands.

So, to the people I’m coming back to: HI!
And to the people I’ve left: I’ll be in touch.

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