Zubby Newsletter – November 21, 1999

I’m in a great mood. I walked to the office today. It’s one of those nicely cool winter days that you can wear a jacket open and not feel the chill. It’s good thinking weather.

This morning I lazed around my apartment waiting for my laundry to dry. The whole time I was flipping through channels on TV. I happily stumbled across Big, the 80’s movie with Tom Hanks. I love that movie. It really embodies a lot of things for me. Growing up, but staying attached to the important parts of being a kid. It’s a Hollywood movie, but it’s the best kind of Hollywood movie: the kind with real heart.

Anyone who knows me well knows I’m a monstrous wuss. I cry all the time at movies. I can’t help it. I love stories that tap into emotions and I get all swept up into them.

Think about it. I’m always telling people silly stories about my life and what I’m feeling. All those overly-dramatic moments that entertain. When I lived in Toronto, I joined a theatre group (nice way of putting it, I know) so I could tell stories and be a little wild. Even these weekly e-mails describing my life are just little stories with a selected audience of people who know me. Always stories…

A lot of people think their life is a soap opera. I’m starting to accept the fact that my life is an ongoing sit-com. But if I can’t control it, I might as well entertain and get good ratings 🙂

Hope you like the show.

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