Long, long day… at school early for Life Drawing, long lectures, traffic on the way home, appointments and now more artwork to be done before I can crash.

Life drawing itself was a mixed bag. The model and lighting was really good, but I couldn’t seem to capture them the way I wanted to. In many ways my first few gesture drawings were stronger than the long poses. The initial excitement of the drawings gave way to tired body and brain. The 5 minute pose below isn’t polished enough and the tones in particular seem really uneven.

I kept one of my warm-up gesture pages, which was unexpected. The model stood with arms out stretched and then crouched with arms bent above his head. I drew both poses on the same sheet, using the first as a quick proportion checker for the second that gave me time to add some shadows to the torso. The two of them together looked oddly appealing and almost animated to me so I didn’t trash it. You can see both poses there if you look carefully, though the outstretched “crucifixion” kind of pose is quite wispy.

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