Ray’s setting himself up to be the next Grant Morrison with trippy quoatable interview lines like this:

“Warnings against role-playing games, heavy metal music, and hot goth sex abound, encoded throughout. After you read the comic, put it on your record player and spin it backwards to see if you can spot them!”

Good stuff.

Today’s a day of menial business. Craploads of work e-mails to respond to, cleaning around the partment, dishes and laundry to do… I started at 9 am and am still wading through this stuff so I can get some illustrations done this afternoon and relax tonight.

The bookshelves we built over the weekend have gotten the majority of the crap out of boxes. I realize again how much stuff I have, so retarded. Once the books get sorted the place will actually look and feel more like a home.

Okay, enough distractions online… back to the fray.

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