Zubby Newsletter – June 30, 1999

Another week and I am really, really tired…

The studio was on overdrive doing studio tests and I’m pretty worn out now. Between teaching 10 hour days and working umpteen hour nights at the studio, our little Zubster has got to get some sleep, and fast. The good news is that they’re mostly done now and ideally the results will be more than worth the pain.

My grand scheme is to do some kick butt work for Nickelodeon and then Aurenya’s gonna attempt to squeeze our way in on the upcoming Bone movie. If we got in on that, I’d absolutely freak out! Bone (if you don’t know) is an incredibly charming comic book about three brothers who get dragged into a fateful prophecy. The fact that they’re 3 squishy kind of cartoon creatures doesn’t matter and the situations are great! I just have to make sure we come off as professional as possible so that Nickelodeon doesn’t figure out I’d work on it for nothing ’cause I’m such an obsessed freak.

As always, if anything happens, you all will be the first to know.

Anyways… This weekend and Canada Day are looking more relaxed and I can’t say that I mind. Time to fill up the ol’ Brain Batteries with some rest and relaxation. Maybe I’ll have enough time to hit one of the pubs and enjoy a pint or three of Strongbow.

I’m writing a lot now and Nick and I have been collaborating on the script-stuff for Aurenya’s pitcheroo. The progress is great and the ideas are gelling very well.

Nick and I also decided that before we die, we will invest in a Sushi restaurant. I’ve been on a big sushi craving kick and we figure it’ll be a good way to conduct business meetings and such.

Saw The Maxx again last night. That is a great, underrated animated show that is so faithful to the original comic and so twisted with ironies and symbolisms it blows my mind. Check it out if you’re up for a freaky experience.

There’s a new Japanese animation coming out from Pioneer called Serial Experiments Lain and I’ve got the opening theme stuck in my head. Luckily, it’s in English, because having foreign songs in your head that you can’t sing really suck.

So, take care until next week and have a good Canada Day. I’ll celebrate Canada in my dreams while fast asleep.

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