Zubby Newsletter – July 7, 1999

Another week rolls on…

A few things of note.

4 people from Aurenya have birthdays this week so it’s an opportune time to get out and party this weekend. That and, the Calgary Stampede starts Friday. I can’t really understand why this whole city shuts down for Stampede (except for bars and restaurants) and I probably won’t go this year (and I didn’t go last year). Most of the time the city isn’t “hick” like everyone believes, but this week it’s all the biggest clichés or country hoe-down crap that I hate. Needless to say, I won’t be getting involved. We’ll celebrate the birthdays and ignore the cowboys and girls.

We had the first all-encompassing Story Meeting at work and I’m pleased to report that the first draft of the script will be underway in a week or so. These brainstorming sessions are at the heart of why Aurenya works and I’m glad my proposal’s being used as a springboard. A couple of producers have gotten in touch with us since Banff and we’re cautiously optimistic about the next few months.

I’ve finally got my personal summer project under way! The afternoon class I teach is pounding away at their final portfolio films and so I’m at my desk vegging for hours waiting for them to bring up footage to show me. Until now. I’ve started my own comic book story and I’m busting my butt to make it the best artwork I can produce. The script’s finished for the first issue and I’m laying out the first few pages as you read this. It’s really exciting and I don’t even care if it gets published because this is more of a test for myself than for anyone else. I’ll let everyone know when I post artwork up from the pages (soon, soon) so you can all check it out. I always wanted to be a comic book artist when I was a kid and now that I can actually work on it is such a rush. It won’t be superheroes beating the crap out of each other, it’s a little more character driven than that. More details as it progresses 🙂

The best part is that for some insane reason, the school where I teach gave the students the week off and told them classes were “optional”, so I’m not expecting great attendance. That’ll give me extra time and a quiet place to work on my own artwork.

We shifted around furniture and I’m now sharing an office room with John (our production manager) and Donovan (our composer) two great guys. I’ve got more room to spread out and between Donovan and I, the walls are covered with posters 🙂

The Crash Test Dummies first album The Ghosts That Haunt Me made it’s way back into my CD Player. It’s cheesy fun and reminds me of residence at Sheridan.

Dream Country, by Neil Gaiman. This guy’s incredible and the short stories in this volume are all very impressive. There’s a sample of his comic book script in the back and it was informative and an enlightening read.

We sat down and watched It Came From Hollywood again. It’s the cast of SCTV making fun of old Black and White B-Movies. It’s funny and cheesy and seemed appropriate at 3 in the morning.

Until next week…

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