Zubby Newsletter – June 22, 1999

Well, I’m back in Calgary and things are finally reorganized, so I thought I’d drop everyone a line and let you know how I’m doing. Even if I don’t respond to your e-mails, I always, always read them.

While I was gone, the company assembled our TV pitch initial reel and went to the Banff Film Festival to pass out 150 packages to potential producers, TV channels and investors. We’re not assuming anything, but of course it would be nice. At the worst, our name is now out there and the water’s are primed for further releases. This week, the classical crew is doing tests for Nickelodeon so with a bit of luck we’ll be bringing in our fair share of the finances very soon.

The school thing’s going well and the new class shows quite a bit of promise in terms of their attention and work ethic. It’s going to be great watching them grow and kick some big ass as artists.

Sarah Taylor, a second year animator from Sheridan arrived to intern with us for the summer and it’s been great getting caught up and touching base with someone from school. She bought a bike on the weekend so she could get around town and it’s this ugly neon green thing that looks like it’s going to be her trademark until we paint it 🙂

The whole company went out to see Disney’s Tarzan
GO SEE THIS FILM! For all its Disney warts, it’s easily the best animated film I’ve seen in years. Nobody sings really (well, there’s a lullaby, but that’s it) and it has the most serious themes in a Disney flick ever. Great tension, wonderful characters and stunning visuals. Inspiring and intimidating all at the same time. Tarzan’s movements are incredible. Nick’s a wee bit obsessed with the film (he’s seen it 4 times already).

We went and played basketball yesterday and everyone was yelling “GO-RILLA!” from Tarzan… if you see the flick, you’ll know what I mean.

The company bought the Tarzan soundtrack and the office has been playing it non-stop since Friday.

I’ve been writing scripts for our TV pitch and currently I’m into The Screenwriter’s Problem Solver by Syd Field. It’s pretty good material, but so far doesn’t have any stunning revelations about script writing that I didn’t already know.

Once I got back, I had to make the old transition to being in Calgary again and as usual, it was weird. I miss all of you and hope you’re doing well. It’s summertime, so it’s the perfect chance to organize car trips to Calgary
(hint, hint!)

So, until next time… if you can’t be good, be good at it!

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