Zubby Newsletter – June 14, 1999

Well, I’m typing this from my brother’s house and several of you are probably wondering why I haven’t contacted you since I came into Toronto.

I’m really, really sorry.

This week, that was supposed to be my vacation, has been much more busy than I anticipated.

So, to: Omar, Chris, Colin, Karen, Sheila, Cornflake, Nicole and Linda…I’m sorry.

What I thought was going to be just a wedding has been several more days of family stuff and I probably won’t be seeing you guys on this trip. I suck.

On the good side of things, the wedding was wild and I did drink too much and came away relatively unscathed, all things considered.

I can’t even believe my cousin’s married. She’s a year younger than me and it blows my mind that she’s all grown up because that means I am too 🙂 Well, as grown up as I can be drawing cartoons and being a goof like I do.

My cousin looked great and the groom was nervous but the ceremony went without a hitch. The reception was wild and weird… but I did dance a lot and I was in great company. I’m glad I bought a tuxedo when I saw them on sale at Christmas, it looked pretty slick.

So now, I have to face a horde of work back at the studio when I return and the batteries are sort getting recharged. I brought the ol’ Aurenya laptop to get some writing done and it’s been great. It was cool typing on the plane with a glass of red wine and a wee bit of turbulence 🙂

On Thursday, when I get back, I’ll be meeting the new interns in both Computer and Classical Animation… which will swell our numbers to 32. We’re all pumped about the upcoming possibilities with Funbag Studios and Nickelodeon. It’s scary and great at the same time.

Plus, my new class just started and they seem like a damn driven bunch. It’ll be cool seeing them progress.

Then, Friday we go to the premiere of Tarzan. it’s gonna be good. I’ll just ignore Rosie O’Donnell’s character.

I’m making headway on my own personal project for the summer as well as the scripts for our TV pitch. It started slow, but now the ideas are really flowing and I can see it coming together nicely.

I know I said I’d post my new mailing address, but I don’t have it on me as I type this, so expect it next time.

So, I appreciate everyone’s patience and stuff. It’s always awesome hearing from all of you about what you’re up to no matter where I am. This may sound like schlep, but I wish you could all move closer to me and make my life even more entertaining.

Until next week.

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