Zubby Newsletter – September 18, 2003

This little update is going out as way for me to vent. I normally keep my newsletters pretty positive and upbeat, but dammit… if today isn’t pissing me off.

I woke up to the stench of skunk. The dog got sprayed by a skunk this morning, which would be a surprise except that this has happened maybe a dozen or so times, and this is the third time this summer. Why the animal wouldn’t have learned to stay away from the thing that makes it howl in pain and smell like the Devil himself dropped a load? I have no clue…

Generally speaking, I love my job. But there are inherent frustrations today that seem more pronounced than usual. Clients who won’t be specific about what they want, or not returning my calls and then wondering why the schedule is getting screwed up. A client who’s changed their list of items that they want three times in 4 days and then in the latest document has moved the deadline up by a week. Waiting on cheques from clients that haven’t arrived, then the same client wondering why we’re in no rush to take on more work from them. Artists who don’t communicate. 90% of it is good, but the shitty 10% is in my face today and I’m irritated.

Gala’s gotten a cold, the hacking near-vomiting kind and when I ran out to grab cough medicine and stuff for her stomach I forgot my wallet, turning a 10 minute grocery jaunt into a 40 minute there-and-back-again quest. She needs to get better for school and work and I don’t have the solution for that. I feel bad for her and I know exactly how it feels to be sick inside and wanting relief.

This will pass, but the frustration of the now is in full effect. I just want to get through it today and hope that in the end I can be the eye of the storm and remain calm.

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