Zubby Newsletter – September 14, 2003

It’s Sunday at around noon and I’ve got a few minutes to relax. It’s sort of a strange feeling considering how I’ve been going full steam for the past couple of months.

School started for Gala last week and on Monday I had the strangest sensation. My Aunt and Uncle had gone to work, Gala was off at school and I was at home alone (well, the dog was there, but otherwise it was just me). There was a strange silence and it surprised me. I wouldn’t even call it relaxation or calm, just sort of empty. The whole week was sort of like that. Lots of things to do with strange quiet moments between them.

Gala’s gotten another job, this time waitressing at a restaurant just down Yonge from us called the St. Louis Grill. It’s way more laid back than the Keg was and she seems to be enjoying it quite a bit there. My Uncle and I went down on Tuesday night for their wing special and it was doubly good: seeing Gala happily working and having a nice chat with my Uncle about all sorts of current events and other things. Sitting there with a beer talking with him as an adult and totally relaxed, it reminded me that I’m 27 now and not a teenager. It didn’t make me feel old or anything, just mature or at least a reasonable facsimile of it.

When my boss got super sick on Thursday I had to go down to an important meeting with Alliance-Atlantis without him. I’m not sure if the meeting will spin off into proposed work for them, but the potential seems quite good. Omar, Joe, Scott and I talked to them about a concept they want designs for and everyone seemed pleased at the end of it. I should find out in the next day or two if it’ll actually evolve into anything.

Beyond that, we just finished off more Dragonlance art, handed in some other RPG art and received a bunch of projects to take care of. It doesn’t look like there will be any sort of lull, which is exciting but tiring all at once. More Conan coloring should be starting this week. It’s already behind schedule (but not on our end), so we’ll just have to wait and see if it actually shows up or not. I’m not worried about it though. I have more than enough other things to keep me busy.

On Friday, I dropped off Gal at York and then went over to the Seneca campus to say Hi to Brain Lemay and Larry DeFlorio who run the animation program there. Brian had already left for the day, but I had a nice chat with Larry and he showed me around their new facilities. It was a neat feeling seeing students getting started on the drawing or 3D path. It reminded me that I’m lucky to be involved with artwork-related work full time. I get tired and a bit lost with all it happening at once, but re-inspiring myself a bit like that recharges me.

That’s the quick report here in Zubland.

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