Zubby Newsletter #14: Clean Air Day?

Good news, everyone. Today is Clean Air Day in Canada. Meanwhile, wildfire smoke from the Great White North chokes the northeast-

Third Time’s The Charm

Tomorrow I’m flying to New Brunswick for East Coast Comic Expo, June 9th and 10th. This appearance has been a looong time coming.

Back in the olden days of 2018, I was announced as a guest for ECCE, but a Marvel summit (the one where our team planned out Avengers: No Road Home) fell on that same weekend so I had to back out.

In 2019, I was announced as a guest again, but D&D Live: The Descent fell on that same weekend and I had to be there for crazy Dungeons & Dragons stuff.

2020 to 2022…well, you know…

Which brings us to now – 2023! Finally, after five years, I’m heading to Moncton and am really looking forward to seeing friends and fans on the east coast.

Good Listening!

Over on the Graymalkin Lane podcast, we talk about the strange history of Sapphire Styx and how she became a pivotal player in my plans for Betsy Braddock back in the MYSTERY IN MADRIPOOR mini-series from 2018.

Give it a listen here: https://redcircle.com/shows/graymalkin-lane-the-podcast

I’m also guest on the latest episode of the mighty CROMCAST, chatting up a storm about the CONAN THE BARBARIAN comic relaunch, Canadian whiskey, the Hyborian Age, sword & sorcery, TTRPGs, and more!

Give it a listen here: https://thecromcast.blogspot.com/2023/05/season-18-episode-9-conan-in-comics.html

CONAN #1: Final Order Cut-Off Cover

Speaking of Conan-

The legendary Jae Lee illustrated a special CONAN THE BARBARIAN #1 cover just released as we soar toward our July 3rd Final Order Cutoff, the last day readers and retailers can pre-order the first issue

Mind-blowing stuff, as expected. I’m honored to have so many cool covers on this book.

Elden Things

My pals over at UDON just released pics of the incredible translated Elden Ring artbooks they’re releasing in September (volume 1 and 2), including a limited edition foil slipcase edition. Daaaamn pretty. I am sorely tempted to add them to my collection.

Links and Other Things

The Iron Sheik passed away today at age 81. His words of wisdom stay with me always-

Okay, that’ll cover it this time. Have a good week.

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