Zub Kid Drawing: Spider-Man and His Amazing Fiends

Click for a larger version

Another drawing from my youth I dug up. This one is from about a year after the previous pic. This time I drew up Spider-Man (obviously heavily McFarlane influenced) and some of his many foes.

Some weird stuff:

– C-Lister The Human Fly gets a big spot while major foes the Lizard, Scorpion and Rhino get shifted to the very bottom. No idea why.
– The Ox from the Enforcers is there, but none of the other members are.
– The Hobgoblin is there, but no Green Goblin.
– I don’t think Electro ever rode lightning in the comics, but I could be wrong.
– That half a guy on the left hand side is the Black Fox. No idea why I cropped him like that.
– Molten Man, Venom and Jackal float in mid-air while Punisher gets a rope to swing on.

  1. spiderman is my favorite superhero, but now many version

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