Zub Bachelor Party

It’s the home stretch before my wedding coming up. 3 weeks. I can’t believe it’s almost here. Exciting times indeed.

Saturday night was my bachelor party.

Chris organized an incredible evening. A big yellow school bus took a pile of us up to one of my favourite Asian restaurants and when we got there we met even more of our gang. A slew of friends and family came out for it, a big spread of guys I’ve known from high school, through college and in to my current career(s).

Remarking that my last name was a terrible one for me to impose on Stacy (I’m not actually, we’re keeping our respective last names), I was dubbed “Mr. King” for the evening and had a labelled shirt to make that extra clear, along with an appropriate crown. King for a day, if you will.

Dad brought some old mementos to the dinner – the stuffed Ernie from Sesame Street that I carried around until Kindergarten and some of the original comics I drew as a kid. Everyone got a big kick out of those.

From there we took our school bus over to Pacific Mall, where Chris pulled together quite the coup. The mall was closed for the night but security guards let us in (greeting me as “Mr. King”) and we were lead up the escalator to the arcade, which was specially left open with every machine put on ‘Free Play’.

“Hey, buddy. I got you an arcade for the night. Pretty cool, eh?”

Mind blowing and amazing.

More friends and co-workers met us there and much drinking and game playing ensued. We had a blast.

Afterwords we went for karaoke and busted out tunes. My memory gets spotty at this point. I know Erik and I sang a duet on a Carpenters song. Mr. Brightside was bellowed. I remember a squished car ride and crashing at a nearby hotel but quickly fell asleep after that. Still, I made it through the whole thing intact.

No strippers or awkward “lets watch the bachelor get shit-faced bit by bit” kind of stuff, just a really fun night out with a great group. It was exactly what I hoped it would be, yet I was completely surprised as each part unfolded. Brilliant.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the party. Thanks to Chris, Andrew, Erik and everyone else who helped organize the night. You guys are my closest friends and I cannot thank you enough for your friendship and support.

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