You Kicked Those Skulls – THANK YOU!!

We did it! We broke through the $40,000 stretch goal with your support, unlocking the Villain Paths and enhancing everyone’s RPG adventure!

Thank you for your enthusiasm and energy.
Thank you for your confidence and kindness.

This is my first crowdfunded project and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the support we’ve seen has been incredibly heartwarming and humbling.

A huge round of thanks to our hard-working creative team.

On the comic creative team:
Line Artist Edwin Huang. Colorist Misty Coats. Letterer Marshall Dillon.
Original Skullkickers co-creator Chris Stevens.

On the RPG team:
Designers and writers Mike Olson, Eleanor Jordan, Clint Cronk and welcome Ian Moss (who just joined us after working as Lead Designer on Bunkers & Badasses).
Cartographers Marco Bernardini and Mike Schley.
Artists Max Dunbar, Steven Cummings, Kurt Michael Russell.

And, last but certainly not least, our Campaign Manager George Rohac.

Having people put their faith in you as they help to build up your ideas and add to them until it’s something all of us can be proud of is incredibly special. I never want to take that for granted.

Progress on Caster Bastards is going great. The comic story line art is all done and the first letter proof is in the works. The RPG adventure is cooking along well. More artwork and maps are getting done. We’re on schedule for delivery next year and this book is gonna be a beauty.

I’m going to leave your inbox alone for a bit as we celebrate, and then get back to work finalizing this book so we can send it to YOU.

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