Wonder Momo: Battle Idol Vol. 1 Arrives in April!


The printed version of the Wonder Momo webcomic I’ve been writing for Bandai-Namco Japan arrives in April, but it’s available for pre-order now.

If you haven’t read through the story, or have fallen behind, now’s a perfect time to get caught up.

Wonder Momo: Battle Idol Vol. 1

Momoko was a typical Japanese teenager with dreams of becoming a famous pop idol, until an alien powersuit transformed her into the spectacular Wonder Momo! This cosmic hero punches, kicks, and hula hoops her way through monsters, henchmen, robots, and her most dangerous foe… the dreaded paparazzi!
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  1. Dang. I bought the book when it came out (not knowing anything about Wonder Momo other than that she was a Japanese tokusatsu hero (or just looked like one) and that I liked the artwork. More than two years later, I’m just getting around to reading it, and now that I realize it was a webcomic (which accounts for the odd format of the book) it’s too late to read the rest of the story, so now I’m left hanging in the middle.

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