Wizards & Spells Reviews

Bell of Lost Souls: “Each of these books features story prompts as well, so you can be sure you’ll find some excellent creative writing prompts for younger readers–a great feature especially if you’re a teacher looking for something to engage young readers with.”

Bleeding Cool: “The series as a whole is amazing as far as educating young players on the basics. Well worth your time to check it out and add it to their library.”

Fandom Post: “With this brilliant combination of picture and word, you are teleported into the adventure which is Dungeons & Dragons, allowing the reader to once again believe there may be a world just beyond the horizon, with creatures and adventures worthy of risking your brief life within this forbidden world.”

Fanbase Press: “If you’re looking to get someone into D&D but are worried they might find it daunting, try picking up one of these volumes; it may just be enough to get them hooked.”

Forbes: “What does the future hold for the series? Hopefully, whatever it is, big or small, it continues to illuminate the joys of playing Dungeons & Dragons.”

G33K HQ: “…a great way to introduce young, new players to the game and the world of D&D. Created by a team that’s intimately familiar with the game and its lore and backed up by excellent artwork, it provides a great jumping on or catching up point for the up-and-coming hero of the realms.”

Geek Tyrant: “…a great tool for new players and veterans alike. Simple isn’t always bad and this book is proof. The art is beautiful and really helps everything come alive as you read.”

Nerdist: “Whether you’re a 12-year-old reading about the game for the first time or a 42-year-old who only knows a little bit about D&D from listening to Actual Play podcasts, you’ll learn something new about the iconic role-playing game.”

Nerdy Girl Express: “This new addition to the series, is again an immersive and beautifully illustrated book that focuses on wizards, sorcerers, and other magic-makers from the D&D mythos.”

Want more info on the D&D Young Adventurer’s Guide series? Head on over HERE.

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