Wii Thoughts, First Day

The Wii is running full steam… thoughts so far:

Console – Initial set up was a cinch, as was connecting to my wireless router and downloading firmware updates. The machine looks and runs great. When my component cables come in the mail it’ll look even better on my TV, but even now it’s quite sharp.

Wii Sports – This game is so simple, yet horribly addictive. My arms are sore from Tennis and Baseball, but it felt awesome. Bowling feels the most natural out of all of them, with Tennis a close second. The refinements Nintendo made to the game even from when I tried it over the summer at E3 are pretty substantial. Considering it’s a pack-in game with the system, it’s a winner through and through… probably the easiest way to get a non-video gamer to try video games and love them. I can’t wait to play 4 player simultaneous Tennis matches.

Monkey Ball – I haven’t delved too far into this yet, but what I have tried of it was quite fun. Once you get used to the controls directing the balls down the ramp makes sense. The challenge level ramps up pretty fast, so this one looks like it will keep me on my toes.

Rayman – The crazed rabbits are amazing. The mini-games I’ve tried so far are solid. The whole thing has a great attitude and innovative uses for the Wii controller scheme. This is a game that’s going to have people jumping around my living room like idiots.

Zelda – Haven’t had a chance to do much more than the initial little bit. No combat yet, just learning the controls. It’s smooth so far and the remote-nunchuk controller combo feels pretty intuitive as I chill on the couch and explore.

Mii’s – The Mii avatar maker is a freakin’ hoot! Creating simplistic caricatures of friends, family or whoever and sending them to other users on your Friends list is great. I’ve made little Mii avatars of Me, my brother, my parents, a couple friends, Ghandi, Elvis, Hitler, Einstein, Freud, Jesus and Samuel L. Jackson. It makes for an eclectic looking baseball team in Wii Sports, lemme tell you.

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