WAYWARD #30 Reviews

ComicBook.com: 10/10 “…an elegant, beautiful finale that will give fans a lot to love — both in the first reading and in what is sure to be many re-readings to come. That’s the beauty of Wayward. It’s a story you will want to come back to, even knowing how it all ends.”

Horror Talk: 10/10 “While I’m sad to see Wayward end, this finale is pitch perfect. This is truly an epic comic in more ways than one.”

TM Stash: 10/10 “Wayward goes out in a blaze of glory – maintaining the high standards this series has set from the very beginning. That’s something that happens all too rarely in comics – glad to see that it happened here.”

  1. Thx for a great series. I discovered it 4 months ago, and have since collected all the issues. Its been a fun read with great art and writing.

    I’m obviously sad about the ending, making me go: why you gotta do me like that; but I mid way in to the series I suspected something like what happened was gonna happen. If it change my pov around a bit I still see the bright side so yea I don’t regret the read.

    Anyway thx again for a great series, I look forward to a new series or more.

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