Wayward #26 Reviews

Adventures In Poor Taste: 9/10 “Wayward has always excelled in the visual department, and finally it’s rising to the occasion writing-wise through riveting character drama and escalating the plot to a wonderful crescendo.”

Comic Book.com: 10/10 “With an intriguing story, haunting realism, and a dose of optimism Wayward #26 might be the most perfect comic book you read this week.”

Geeked Out Nation: 8.4/10 “Wayward continues to be that drama with teens that rescues you from all of the cliche. Issue #26 brings these kids together again, but only to challenge the things that keep them sane, and keep them on the right side of this war.”

Horror Talk: 10/10 “If this is how the final arc begins, I can’t imagine how it’s going to end.”

Multiversity Comics: 8/10 “It’s the kind of issue that has made reading the series an overall pleasure. The march to the Wayward finale begins, and the book is firing on all cylinders.”

TM Stash: 10/10 “This series is quite possibly the most beautifully written and illustrated book in comics today.”

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