WAYWARD #17 Reviews


Wayward #17, showing the aftermath our of third arc in Japan, arrived in comic shops last week. What did reviewers think of it?

Big Glasgow: 9.6/10 “The art of Wayward is always top notch: every character and every environment, from the sweeping green fields of Ireland to dingy pubs, acquire a special depth in the hands of artist Steven Cummings and colourist Tamra Bonvillain.”

Fandom Post: B+ “Cummings continues to just make this book look fantastic, especially with what Bonvillain brings to the page with the color design to give it some real pop and vibrancy.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “There’s a reason this is a 5 Star book time after time and that’s because it’s so incredibly well written with strong characters/characterization and some of the best artwork in the business.”

TM Stash: 9/10 “Wayward continues to sweep us into the landscapes and folklore of Japan (and now Ireland) like no other series can.”

Under the Comic Covers: “It had a great flow. The pacing of this issue was really well done.”

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