WAYWARD #16 Reviews


We’d been away for a while but finally Wayward is back with issue #16 now available! What did reviewers think of it? Read on…

Big Glasgow: 9.6/10 “In 2015, I had defined Wayward the best ongoing series published by Image Comics (at least among those I have read). In 2016, my extremely high expectations about it are not being disappointed. Don’t miss it”

Fandom Post: B+ “It’s a very good read and one that makes out a whole lot better by taking a slower pace with it all rather than barreling into a lot of new additions and expansions.”

Flipgeeks: 9/10 “This issue is definitely worth your hard earned monies, mates.”

Geeked Out Nation: 8.1/10 “anyone who hasn’t seen what’s so great about Wayward to now join in on the adventure. The past is never truly just the past and the future is rich with potential”

God of Comics: “a whole new world of history, mythology, and culture awaits. This comic is impossibly good…”

Pop Mythology: “I love the way that Zub capitalizes on these unfamiliar folklore elements to entice his readers into learning more and weaves them so proficiently into the story that it’s a decide pleasure to turn the page and see what lies on the other side.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “I’m infatuated with the work that Steven does on the interiors. His attention to detail is amazing to see come to life.”

TM Stash: 10/10 “Just when you thought you couldn’t be more absorbed in the world of WAYWARD, the story takes a twist”

Under the Comic Covers: “Absolutely worth the wait. So happy to have Wayward back.”

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