WAYWARD #12 Reviews

Wayward #12 arrived in comic shops on December 16th and the excitement for our third story arc continues…


Big Glasgow: 9.5/10 “Wayward is a series that reserves tons of surprises – all positive. Get into it!”

Bleeding Cool: “This was a truly exciting issue filled with just the right amount of action and emotion.”

Comic Bastards: 8/10 “Wayward is a rare book these days that is very clear on its strengths.”

Comix I Read: 10/10 “it’s compelling to see such an insightful and well told story “

Fandom Post: “This installment gives us some solid material all around”

Geeked Out Nation: 8.4/10 “Wayward #12 gets back to why this series is an acclaimed supernatural spectacle.”

Horror Talk: 10/10 “Each issue adds to the ever growing mythos and pulls me in deeper, leaving me greatly anticipating the next chapter.”

Living Myth: “Buy the book. Buy it. Buy it and love it forever.”

Multiversity: “This is still one of the best and most unique ongoings happening right now and each month”

Omni Jer Bear: “Really captivating. I’m curious where this is going in this arc.”

Pop Optiq: 9/10 “Jim Zub’s fast paced, witty script continues to read very comfortably, proving Zub’s voice as one to really consider as one of the more refreshing and confident creators in comics today.”

Pulp Media: “I would argue that this is one of the best issues of Wayward that have been produced.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “With stellar characterization, incredible backdrops and a premise most of the world doesn’t even know about Jim, Steven and company really have introduced the world to something truly special.”

Snap Pow: 8.5/10 “buy this comic because it’s awesome and cherish its contents for the brilliant visual worked locked in with its expanding narrative.”

TM Stash: 9/10 “…one of the very best titles of 2015, never letting the reader go”

Under the Comic Covers: “I love this book and love this issue.”

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