WAYWARD #11 Reviews


WAYWARD #11, kicking off our third story arc, arrived at last and the response has been incredibly strong. Let’s see what reviewers think of the latest issue:

All-Comic: 8/10 “Wayward continues to be one of Image’s best and most refreshing titles.”

Big Glasgow: 10/10 “Steve Cummings and colorist Tamra Bonvillain bring to life regular people and ancient spirits, modern buildings and holy temples.”

Bleeding Cool: “Zub and Cummings are building a complex, intriguing foundation for what’s to come in Wayward.”

Comic Attack: “it’s one of the best comics you should be reading!”

Comic Bastards: 10/10 “another well-paced entry into a new volume”

Comic Book Therapy: 10/10 “Wayward 11 a great read on all levels, and well-deserving of your time this week.”

Comic Plug: 10/10 “Arc 3 kicks off with a BANG. More of the same Japanglish goodness, character depth, and cultural complexity we’ve come to expect. I love it.”

Fandom Post: “This issue works as both a closer to the previous arc and the start of the next arc”

Flipgeeks: 9/10 “Facial features and emotional portrayals are well-defined and on-the-spot accurate”

Geeked Out Nation: 8.3/10 “Wayward #11 is an exciting start to a new story arc showing how much potential this plot has”

Omni Jer Bear: “This is the story of a generation.”

Outright Geekery: 9/10 “Once again, Zub and company continue to deliver a great series with a kick-ass story accompanied with excellent art.”

Pulp Cultured: “The stakes are getting bigger as is the cast and it all looks beautiful.”

Reading With a Flight Ring: “I get so excited every time I see this book is out. There’s this whole real sense of awe and wonder associated with it that just envelops the reader in a world that we know so little about.”

TMStash: 10/10 ” another amazing tale with some of the most beautiful artwork in comics today”

Under the Comic Covers: “A phenomenal return to this book. It opens up some wonderful new mysteries to look forward to.”

We The Nerdy: “Jim Zub’s script and characters will always be stellar, and Steve Cumming’s art will always be fantastic.”

  1. Better late than never, here’ our review of WAYWARD #11: http://www.flipgeeks.com/?p=74268

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