Wayward #1 Arrives Today!


Hard to believe it’s finally here: Wayward #1 arrives in comic shops today.

For the past 10 months, Steve and I have been developing this creator-owned series and it’s an incredible feeling to finally see it out in the world. We hope you read it, enjoy it, and tell others all about it.

Projects like this are not just one person and although it’s common for me to say “my new creator-owned book” that’s not accurate. Beyond the fact that Steve and I are co-creators on this, there are quite a number of people I need to thank for their involvement and support.

Steve Cummings, thank you for working alongside me to develop this story while drawing your heart out. Your incredible dedication shows on every page.
John Rauch, thank you for enhancing Steve’s pages with incredible color and atmosphere.
Marshall Dillon, thank you for always sticking with me and doing more proofs on this issue than any other project we’ve worked on together. You tirelessly made lettering edits right up until we went to press.
Zack Davisson, thank you for your Japanese mythology consultation and wonderful essay back matter material.

Our variant cover artists: Alina Urusov, Jeff “Chamba” Cruz, Adam Warren, Tamra Bonvillain, Ross A. Campbell, Erik Larsen, Chip Zdarsky, and Kalman Andrasofszky. Thank you for creating eye-popping artwork to help grab attention, near and far.

Eric Stephenson, Ron Richards, Kat Salazar, Meredith Wallace, Addison Duke, Jonathon Chan, Branwyn Bigglestone and everyone else at the Image Comics office. Thank you for your support and your role as a creator-owned publisher that truly empowers creators to make the books they’ve always dreamed of.

Thank you also to:
Charles Soule, for your invaluable advice and support.
Nishi Makoto, for Japanese language/lettering help.
Chris Butcher and the Beguiling, for arranging the Wayward launch party (happening tonight!).
Brandon Seifert, for introducing me to Zack.

Thank you to the many retailers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to support Wayward, including Happy Harbor Comics, Strange Adventures, Third Eye Comics, and the Phantom retail group.

Last but not least, thank you to my family and friends. Thank you for listening, sharing, understanding, and patiently accepting stressful days and neurotic nights as we built momentum to get this out the door. None of this would be possible without your love.

We’ve set up a fan email address where you can let us know what you think of Wayward (and we’re compiling the letters page for issue #2 this week, so please send us messages ASAP). Email
and include “OK To Print” with your message if you’re okay with us possibly including your letter in a future issue.

  1. was the first comic I read from this week’s visit to Fantasy Comics in Tucson. That is sad, as every other book in the stack will probably be disappointing by comparison. Great story and art; can’t wait (well, yes, I have to) to see where you’re going with this eclectic, engrossing and enjoyable book! 🙂

  2. Absolutely loved this. Hunted down your site just to let you know how much I appreciate you creating this for us to read

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