Valentin & The Widow


My dear friend and fellow writer Andrew Wheeler has just released two ebook novels back-to-back. Here’s why you should buy them.

Valentin & The Widow is a pulp-tinged adventure series set in the 1920’s filled to the brim with compelling characters and atmospheric action. The books are wonderfully written, engaging, and well worth your support.

As difficult and tumultuous as creator-owned comics can be, self-published fiction is an even more difficult uphill battle. The prose publishing business has acted as gatekeepers of quality/legitimacy for a long time but, with the advent of e-publishing and digital readers, that system is finally changing for the better. Writers can directly interact with readers by putting out their work digitally before risking expensive print publishing. An author can slowly build an audience based on the quality of their written work rather than on the whims of publishing fads, media tie-ins or shelf placement at a bookstore.

The big difference with prose versus comics is, of course, the lack of the visual component to grab your eye. It’s hard to quickly sample a novel and know if buying it will be worth the investment of time and money. Good word of mouth is absolutely crucial when it comes to e-published fiction like this.

Consider this a glowing recommendation.

Sample them first in audio format as a radio-style serial:

Book 1: The Mandrake Machine
Book 2: The Flowers of Mrs. Moore
Book 3: Thrones & Principalities

and then buy them online in your chosen ebook format right HERE. You won’t be disappointed.

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