Torrenting Makeshift Miracle?

The news broke on Friday evening, but today’s the day we’re making it formal:

Makeshift Miracle is part of a publishing experiment for UDON Comics, a way for us to see if we can build a larger reading audience for an original published book by first releasing the entire professional-quality graphic novel online for free, week by week.

As part of that, we’re interested in gaining readers and letting as many people as possible know about the story. With that in mind, we’ve decided to release a torrent of the entire first chapter of Makeshift, containing PDF and CBR files, so that more people can discover the series.

Download the torrent file, pass it around, re-seed as much as possible and convince your online friends to try it out, absolutely free. Once they’ve read chapter 1, they can head to our website to continue the story with new chapter 2 pages.

Makeshift Miracle Chapter 1 Torrent File

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