Tokyo Arrival

The journey was nuts, but in the end I made it to Tokyo safe and sound.

– The taxi driver who took me from home to the airport was crazy, driving 130kmph, tailgating people and taking 60km turns at 110. I thought I was going to die.

– I almost missed my connecting flight from Chicago because the electronic billboards at O’Hare didn’t list my flight properly.

– The 12 hour flight from Chicago to Tokyo was mind-numbingly long as I tried to sleep, but just felt hungry and sore instead.

– My clogged sinuses gave me wicked headaches when the plane descended for landing to the point where I thought death would be preferable.

But when Erik and I finally hooked up at the airport and grabbed the bus to head to our hotel, things were good and the anxiety of the day melted away. I’d made it with my luggage and sanity intact.

It’s almost 9am your time (10pm here) and I haven’t really slept yet, so I’ll just post one photo that sums up my first evening in Tokyo quite well:

It must be Tokyo.

Read Erik’s journal for more stuff until I post again.

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