To Be Or Not To Be: That Is The Adventure

Ryan North (creator of Dinosaur Comics, builder of Project Wonderful and writer of the Adventure Time comic series) asked me to contribute an illustration to his upcoming Choose Your Own Adventure-style story of Shakespeare’s Hamlet called To Be Or Not To Be: That Is The Adventure and I enthusiastically jumped on board. It’s a fun idea with tons of potential and has an insane line-up of talented artists involved. I’m stoked to see how this all comes together.

If you like Shakespeare, comics, humor or just want to support something fun and innovative, I encourage you to pre-order a copy now via Kickstarter.

  1. So through the body of the article you speak about the break down of the money from the comic book. And through that you make it a special point to say that those folks deserve those cuts in the pie.

    But at the end of the article, you urge your reader base to make purchases that circumvent those stake holders in comics.

    Do you see this as a conflict?

    • Whether people buy online (Amazon or elsewhere) or pre-order from retailers those copies are being sold through Diamond and they, and my publisher, are getting their share.

      Only a small percentage of people are able to buy comics directly from me at a convention. I don’t think I’m cannibalizing store sales by asking people to buy from me at shows if they’re attending.

  2. I doubt sales at a convention impact store sales much at all.

    But the math is off, while you might cut out Diamond and the store, the creator doesn’t get the full cover price, you’ve still got to pay for printing. So, even then, you’re not getting the full price (or rich).

    I think the best way to support a creator at a show is to buy the comic + something unique, like an autographed copy, etc.

    • Agreed. Buying a sketch cover, original art or a commission is far more profitable than just buying a book to be autographed. There are always going to be production costs.

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