The Publishing Gauntlet – Part Five

Exalted Wallpaper Image
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Up at Newsarama this morning:

The Publishing Gauntlet – Part Five

It looks like the articles are going over quite well with readers, professionals and retailers which is quite gratifying. I figured that peeking behind the scenes like this would be a bit risky, but it seems to be paying off so far. 2 weeks until Origins and Exalted #0 goes on sale.

Like all the special con issues Udon has released over the past 3 years, we’ve done a low print run since sales are almost entirely through the conventions and/or for promotion to retailers. We’ll be selling issue #0 at the cons for $5.00 each. The regular issues starting in October will be priced like regular comics… final price is still undetermined, but I expect it to be between $2.99 and $3.50 per issue.

We’ll also be selling a 19 x 25 art print of Jasara for $25.00 each. This limited to 500 copies numbered print is a large litho-style 4-color print, vivid and quite frame-worthy… you’d usually pay $40+ for something like this at most conventions. The line art was drawn by Noi Sackda, the character penciller for the comic, with incredible paints by the talented Christine Choi.

So for $30 you can have the special edition comic and a gorgeous art print. Not too shabby.

On the left I have a wallpaper image done up of the Jasara art print piece… click on the thumbnail for the 1024×768 version… then imagine that picture vivid, crisp and almost two feet tall on your wall 🙂

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