The Mighty Skullkickers Reviews


Part three of our latest Skullkickers story arc arrived in stores Wednesday. Here’s how critics have responded so far:

Comic Book Resources: “4/5 …a consistently great comic, and is well worth a read by anyone looking for a fast-moving, light adventure story with jokes that are actually funny.”

Nerdlocker: ” 5/5 It’s a popcorn movie in comic book form and I love it. This is how comic books should be.”

The Weekly Crisis: “Must read. If you like superhero comics, action comics or humour comics, no one is doing it better than these guys.”

Geeks Of Doom: “Skullkickers is the product of a young team of comic creators working at the height of their artistic and creative abilities. It’s a must read.”

Culture Mass: “8.5/10 Mighty Skullkickers #1 is a mighty entertaining comic, whether you’re a fan of the series or only just discovered it.”

Comic Bastards: “4/5 …the funniest comic book on the market returns with part three and the third number one.”

Unleash the Fanboy: “4/5 In short, the Mighty Skullkickers is yet another must buy.”

Word of the Nerd: “…definitive proof of a creative team that is having an immense amount of fun while producing a quality title that is also ridiculously funny.”

Major Spoilers: “4.5/5 Zub’s script and Huang’s art mesh perfectly together, as do the rest of the creative team’s efforts.”

I Smell Sheep: “4/5 …the bar is set incredibly high and this is still a darned good book to keep fans of the series salivating for more.”

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