The Haze

Three days of brutal messed up sleep schedule has taken its toll. When I’m supposed to sleep I’ve been toiling over a dozen things in my brain and when I’m awake I’ve been a working robot. I napped twice during the middle of the day yesterday and floated through the interactions between naps, making the whole day feel 4 times as long and 4 times as surreal.

At one point I had a dream about Gal and I looking after baby chickens in the back seat of a car. Gal had some sort of makeshift chicken fence/barrier between the back and front seats to make sure the chicks didn’t get into the front. I think she was spreading chicken feed over the seats at one point. My brain is goo…

In the midst of the haze, I finalized work scheduling and the artists handed in the last of the line art for one of the card games. The sheer amount of shit to do at this point is barbaric and yet it’s somehow all getting finished and finished well. Productivity has become zen. Kind of funny, especially when my head’s all spaced out.

Free Comic Book Day was a brief break from the insanity. Hung out with Scott and chatted comics biz, saw Keen again, bumped shoulders with Attila and Ramon and bought the first Conan hardback with Frezetta-esque amazing artwork by Cary Nord. A good day.

Gal painted up a card image a few days ago that made me go ‘Damn!’. Totally professional finish on it with energy and confidence. The padawan is gonna kick the master’s ass unless I get my rear in gear. Sometimes it feels like I’m a teacher, not an artist…

Watched ‘The Triplettes of Belleville’ while munching on pizza yesterday. Even if I wasn’t in a sleep-assed haze that movie would’ve been ultra surreal. Amazing animation set over the a strangely paced story. Good, but hard to wrap my brain around.

Okay… maybe sleep, maybe food… maybe I don’t know.

PS: Oh God, it’s becoming clear to me now… this is how my boss Erik gets through every week.

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