Talking Conan…in Portuguese!

Here’s an interview with the Conan the Barbarian Forum, a vibrant Portuguese language Conan community. Host Marco Collares and translator Duda Ferreira chat with me about the upcoming relaunch, working with the incredible Rob De La Torre, editor Matt Murray and more.

If you don’t speak Portuguese, here are time-stamped links to my answers in English to their key questions:

What is the format of the new Conan the Barbarian comic series?

Do you have more creative freedom working on Conan at Titan compared to writing the series at Marvel? and some follow up thoughts.

Where does your version of Conan fall in and around the Frank Frazetta illustrations or John Buscema-drawn comics?

Will you be adapting famous Conan stories like Tower of the Elephant or Red Nails?

How violent or explicit will the new Conan the Barbarian comic be?

How is it working with artist Rob De La Torre? What’s the working process like? and some follow up thoughts.

Rob is clearly inspired by the Conan art of John Buscema. Do you worry that the style is too close to Big John’s work? and some follow up thoughts.

How far ahead are you in terms of writing and production?

What can you tell us about the first story arc?

• And, to wrap up, my thoughts on the passion of the Conan fandom.

Here’s the full video from the start:

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