When you put a creative project out in to the world, all you can hope for is that people respond well to it, that they understand the intent and connect with it the way you want them to.

Part of the hype and added interest for Skullkickers #1 came from speculation on its value as a collectible since it had a low first printing. Now that ICV2’s sales numbers are out for September, you can see that they estimate SK #1’s print run at 5448 copies, which is actually pretty close to the real number. Since we had two different covers that means there’s approximately 2700 of each type out in the wild. Needless to say, that’s not a heck of a lot of copies. The reviews were strong, some hype kicked in to gear and some people speculated that since the print run was low they could buy up copies and make money on them later. Currently on ebay there are over 60 different listings for “skullkickers” or “skull kickers” related to the comic. That feels kind of weird.

It’s been exciting announcing a 2nd printing of the first issue and then a 3rd. After shortages on that first printing, the book is finally getting out in to the hands of readers and they’re enjoying it. That’s all we’ve ever wanted.

Two recent reviews of the comic really meant a lot to me. Two complete strangers reading the issues and getting exactly what we’re going for with the book: Paul Montgomery at iFanboy and Jason Wilkins at Broken Frontier. I read those reviews and I’m so excited about how things are going and the potential for us to find a solid readership that enjoys what we put together.

Things are good.

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