Skullkickers Press Push

Hey Everyone,

If you’re following me online it’s about to get really Skullkickers-heavy as we make the last push towards the Final Order Cut-Off deadline for retailers to determine the number of copies they bring in for issue #1. I’ve got to beat the drum as hard as I can to help get readers interested, so expect a lot of Skullkickers-related link-age. Needless to say, your help and support is great appreciated!

Okay, here’s we go:
• Industry megasite Comic Book Resources has posted up an extensive interview with me all about the series. It covers the overview but has a few new tidbits in there as well. Check it out and comment if you can.

CBR: Skullkickers Bashes Your Face In

• Horror-based news site Comic Monsters talks to me all about the monster horror-aspects of the series, especially with the Army of Darkness comparisons and creatures galore in the book.

Comic Monsters SK Interview

• The first two advance reviews for the first issue have come out and they’re very positive. Comics Bulletin calls it “action-packed, mysterious, hilarious, and downright fun!” while Out of the Tomb Magazine announces that “This is one fun filled ride of the ass kicking machine!”.

More to come, hopefully soon. Tell a friend that the SKULLKICKERS are coming!

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