Skullkickers New Review Round-Up

I haven’t done a Skullkickers review round-up in quite some time. We’re still pushing hard to get coverage in as many corners of the comic press as possible. Here are some newer ones:

It’s Bloggerin’ Time has a full run through of the Skullkickers experience.
“Big laughs. Like, uproarious, knee-slapping stuff.”

Comic Book Critic gives issue #9 a 9/10.
“After 8 issues, Skullkickers is getting better and better.”

Weekly Comic Book Review loves Volume 1.
“The script is lively and absolutely hilarious.”

The Buy Pile on CBR put us in their top picks of the week for issue #8.
“A wonderful adventure romp full of great dialogue and action.”

The Daily Blam gave issue #8 4/5.
“People accidentally shooting themselves has never been so fun!”

Comics Nexus falls in love with SKullkickers #8.
“I’ve become very enamored of this title.”

Geeks of Doom is fully on board the Skullkickers adventure.
“Skullkickers blends the world of fantasy and humour in a perfect way.”

Nerd Girl Pin-Ups catches up with volume 1 and the latest issues.
“Skullkickers manages to keep the laughs coming while crafting rich characters, and a kick-ass setting to put them in.”

A Pocketful of Geek discovers the series for the first time.
“I heartily recommend this as a brilliantly fun read that will have you smiling from start to finish.”

iFanboy reviews issue #9 and likes where we’re headed.
“Are you reading Skullkickers? If the answer to that question is ‘no,’ then you need to slap yourself and go buy this book.”

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