Skullkickers #4 Reviews

In and around holiday festivities we’ve had a few new Skullkickers #4 reviews roll in.

“Jim Zub’s writing is fun and breezy, Edwin Huang and Misty Coats provide some great, anime style art with crisp, clean colors, and the whole thing is just, well… Fun.”

“Skullkickers is a D&D inspired world where, like the game itself, the deeper you get into it the better it gets. With each issue Zubkavich is able to squeeze in more tropes of the fantasy world and then make them a) awesome and b) hilarious. It’s all about awesome action and big laughs — it’s a great mix.”

“Skullkickers is easily one of my favorite comics being published right now and this issue is another prime example of why. It’s big, bold, and bodacious in its unrelenting awesomeness. It has memorable characters, great action, and a unique sense of humor that sets it apart from every other book on the stands. “

“Skullkickers continues to be a fun read”…”I like this comic; I’ve decided to add it to my pull-list, and wish it great success. “

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