Skullkickers #3 Round-Up

Skullkickers #3 came out yesterday. I can’t believe it’s already been two months since the first issue popped on to store shelves.

A round-up of reviews and related links:

• Comic mega-site Newsarama has a 9 page preview of the issue.

• The issue sold out at distribution before release, which is extremely uncommon for the third issue of a series.

• Great reviews for the issue so far from The Angry Zen Master, Comic Vine, Comic Buzz, MTV Geek and Multiversity Comics.

• Comic Buzz has just posted the first part of a two part interview about Skullkickers with the creative team that includes behind the scenes art and info on the second story arc.

• I interviewed our colorist Misty Coats to put the spotlight on the awesome work she’s doing on the pages.

• The latest issue of the free digital comic magazine The Frontiersman has a special article on Skullkickers’ origins.

Hopefully more cool stuff to come. 🙂

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