Skullkickers #24 Reviews


Skullkickers #24 arrived in comic stores on Wednesday and it’s been well received. Here’s a selection of reviews that have popped up so far:

Newsarama: “8/10 Skullkickers is one of the smartest comics out there and issue #24 only sets the stage for more crazy to come.”

Weekly Crisis: “Before Skullkickers is hilarious with precious plot nuggets sprinkled here and there. Verdict: Must Read!”

Comic Bastards: “4/5 I think all of the stories were pretty funny and stayed true to the Skullkickers brand.”

Comic Spectrum: “4/5 I think this works as a stepping on point for the book.”

Nerdspan: “The theme made for some interesting stories and the various creative teams really brought it home with their respective tales.”

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