Skullkickers #18 is Well Loved

Skullkickers #18, the anthology-style “Son of Tavern Tales” issue with 6 short stories by different creative teams, arrived yesterday in comic shops and the reviews its received so far have been strong!

Unleash the Fanboy: “4.5/5 It’s very funny, and very Skullkickers.”

Futile Postion: “…each story takes a microcosm of what makes the series great, from the goofy to the violent.”

Multiversity Comics: “…the various creators’ authenticity to the characters and the humor insure that #18 is just as good a place to start as #1.”

One Geek Nation: “4/5 …a 40 page spectacular that is actually quite enjoyable to read.”

First Comics News: “8/10 …all of them show that they are fans of the series and capture the characters and tone perfectly.”

Fanboy Comics: “…captures the violent fun of the main series in a standalone single issue full of interesting and humorous stories.”

Freakin’ Awesome Network: “…bureaucratic blunderbuss of beards and bludgeoning is vintage Skullkickers!”

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