Lots of love from people this week as we wrapped up the first story arc on Skullkickers. Thank you to everyone who has let us know how much they’re enjoying the book and telling their friends about the series.

Here’s our current schedule:

January Skullkickers #5 – wrapped up the first arc
February Skullkickers #6 – our short story extravaganza with guest creators
March Skullkickers Vol. 1 – value priced collection of SK #1-5 and the two Popgun short stories
April Break Month – our first break since the series launched in September. Promoting the trade.
May Skullkickers #7 – kicking off our 2nd story arc “Five Funerals and a Bucket of Blood”

Some great reviews have come in from sites like Comic Buzz, From the Tomb, Multiversity and Image Addiction. It’s also Comics of Doom podcast’s ‘Pick of the Week’ (Skullkickers coverage begins at 20:50 in the podcast).

We’ll keep plugging away.

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