SK Arc One is Done

Last night I put the finishing touches on the first Skullkickers story arc. I’m solidifying the second arc and, between SK and a couple other projects that are gestating, I’m writing more than ever before and loving it.

Amongst all the other things that 2010 has brought me (marriage, stability, travel, joy), this creative outlet is the one I did not expect in the slightest.

Skullkickers was originally pitched to Image in June of 2008 and eventually mothballed. I thought it was very dead until things started moving again in February/March of this year. Being able to complete the storyline I brainstormed over two years ago is really satisfying. Extending it into more stories to come is even better.

Getting a chance to tell this kooky fantasy tale and having people respond positively to it has been fantastic. Pulling together the enthusiasm I have for fantasy, comedy and bombastic action in to this ridiculous blend is a thrill.

Issue #6 (arriving in February) is extra special because it’s a jam issue between arcs called ‘Four Tavern Tales’. I contacted a few of my favorite creators, people I think are some of the funniest people in comics, to write short Skullkickers stories as a treat for readers and also as a way for us to get keep the title on the stands while rebuilding our buffer of material for the second arc. Then I got in touch with artist-pro friends and paired them up with awesome writers. I can’t wait until the Image solicits are out and everyone can see the line-up.

At the same time, I’m slowly but surely planning convention trips for next year, trying to figure out which shows would work best for promoting SK. I’d like to give at least one RPG show a shot (Gen Con Indy maybe?) to capitalize on the D&D-centric nature of the book. Other comic-centered ones I’ve never been to before are now an option too – maybe Wondercon, Mega Con or Heroes Con, but I have to be careful about making the most of my meager travel budget. Even still, planning this stuff out because the book is doing well is a good problem to have compared to wrapping it all up after 5 issues because sales weren’t sustainable.

Things are good. Damn good.

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