SK #7 Reviews

It’s wonderful to be back on the stands with a new issue of Skullkickers. Thank you everyone who has been e-mailing us such positive and enthusiastic feedback on the issue. Here are some reviews coming from around the web:

Ain’t It Cool News calls it “an imaginative and fun tale “.

Geeks of Doom raves that “awesomeness exudes off of every single page”.

Third Eye Comics tells their customers that “it’s proven itself to be one of the coolest new Image series to come out in the last year”.

Weekly Comic Book Review lets us know that “The whole bloodbath is so ludicrous that I couldn’t help but laugh”.

Mondo Comics says “I do love a good awkward dinner party, and boy did Skullkickers deliver.”

Keep ’em coming, folks! We love reading your thoughts on the series!

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