Shazam RAGE

Whoah… I used Google to find some Captain Marvel forums as I was curious what people were saying about the Shazam cartoon that I’m not involved in

Hardcore fans are amazing and terrifying at the same time. I forget how passionate I’ve been about things I love and, man-oh-man, do these guys love Captain Marvel. If I would’ve known that piece was going to get turned in to a whirlwind of publicity/rumor/whatever I would’ve stuck closer to the traditional Captain Marvel face/eyes/nose. They aren’t all negative posts but the ones that are… they’re ballistic!

“dear Zod that has to be one of the butt-ugliest character designs i’ve ever seen”

“Not to happy about the design”

“Dreadful. And I thought Cartoon Network’s LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES was bad.”

“that Captain Marvel cartoon looks so awful”

“Definitely a terrible character design – the head really drags the rest down – it doesn’t remotely resemble Cap.”

“it looks like it was drawn by a child. With no hands.

“The body doesnt kill me on this (I dont like it, but I could live with it) but that face…”

“I’m psyched that we’re getting a Cap. Marvel cartoon, but that picture is just painful to watch.”

“Why can’t they hire talented people? Like us. Phuck.”

Um, sorry?

I’m actually not angry at their comments – it’s not like I intended it to be a final professional design. These things would go through layers of revisions and approval. My late night kneejerk design for Captain Marvel was just that, something fun.

I need to print these quotes out and keep them at my bedside on cold nights when I need extra warmth. Their rage can melt the deepest chill in the air.

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