Woke up and my stomach is now merely irritable rather than “ready to kill”. I’m quite groggy.

Browsing the usual internet jumble and I’m amazed, though I really shouldn’t be. The anonymity of the web means, as always, people can just post whatever they want without any filters whatsoever. It sometimes amazes me but usually just makes me shake my head. In many ways I’m glad that I decided to have a bit more of a “public face” on the internet. It makes me accountable for what I say and reminds me to think before I type instead of just issuing forth the first thing that hits the keyboard. I just do my best to imagine what the conversation would go like “in person” and work from there. It’s shocking how much more civil my posts become at that point. This morning I stopped myself from commenting three or four times already on various websites thanks to that wonderful filter.

The rest of the weekend looks like it will be a bit more social and relaxing, assuming my stomach behaves. Next week I start the project-equivalent of an epic song and dance that should prove quite interesting.

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