Samurai Jack #7 Reviews


Samurai Jack #7, the 2nd part of our gender-bending odyssey, arrived in stores this week. Let’s see what the critics had to say…

IGN: 8.5/10 “…a nicely entertaining and more humor-oriented Samurai Jack epic.”
Eat Your Comics!: 4/5 “Seriously, if you have not come on board IDW’s new “Samurai Jack” comic book series – fan or no – you’re really missing out on an excellent comic.”
Rock! Shock! Pop!: “If you were a fan of the Cartoon Network series and not reading this yet, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice.”
Sci-Fi Pulse: “The solution to our twosome’s troubles is nothing short of brilliant.”
Comic Vine: 4/5 “If I’m enjoying this series this much, I can only imagine how much die-hard fans of the show are digging it.”
The Outhousers: “This was a fun short arc by Zub and Williams outside of the main story of Samurai Jack trying to get back to his own time.”
Comic Book Therapy: “Zub and company have told a fresh Samurai Jack story that did something different and executed it well.”

  1. Keep on keepin’ on Jim! Proud to back you. Let me know when you plan on teaching a class on writing and I’ll be there.

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