Samurai Jack #4 Reviews

Samurai Jack #4 arrived in comic shops last Wednesday, so let’s see what critics thought of it…


IGN:8.5/10 “We may not have the cartoon series, but we have a pretty awesome comic series to warm our hearts.”

Comic Vine: “If you’ve been enjoying the book, there’s pretty much no reason why you won’t enjoy this one as well.”

The Outhousers: “Andy Suriano’s character design work for secondary characters is exceptionally strong; the lithe, graceful bodies of the musket-knights counteracts their brutish nature, while the queen’s beauty contrasts the villagers’ homeliness.”

Comic Book Therapy: “Samurai Jack is a thoroughly enjoyable series that pays a lot of respect to everything that came before it.”

Rock! Shock! Pop!: “This is all very much in keeping with the spirit of the show, finding that interesting balance of honor, mysticism, action and humor.”

Shadowhawk’s Shade:9.5/10 “Another stellar issue from Jim, Andy, Josh and Shawn. I really hope that these guys all stick together on this series for a good long while.”

Multiversity: “Those of you that are or were fans of the character – this should be on your pull list already. Rectify that, if it’s not.”

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