Samurai Jack #20 Reviews


Samurai Jack #20, our final issue, arrived in comic shops last week. I posted some of my thoughts previously, but hearing from reviewers that they feel we hit the mark is wonderful too.

IGN: 9/10 “Samurai Jack #20 finally gives this story the conclusion it deserved.”

Comic Bastards: 8/10 “…although I am sad to see to this tale go, I also think readers will be left with a great feeling about our favorite warrior.”

Comics Beat: “great for fans of the comic, but also perfectly suitable for fans of the animated series, even if they skipped the previous nineteen issues. It impressively offers closure without necessarily being a final chapter. Highly recommended.”

Goodreads: 5/5 “This issue was both superb, and meaningful…gently closing the book on Samurai Jack and the myriad of characters we’ve met along the way.”

I Reads You: “Zub and Suriano proved that they can produce a high-quality comic book that is true to the original Samurai Jack”

Infinite Comix: 10/10 “They succeed in delivering a finale that both celebrates all the stories that have come before and continues developing the titular character, keeping the door open for future tales while presenting a satisfying endpoint to Jack’s epic adventure.”

Moar Powah: “Samurai Jack #20 is the ending to the series I didn’t know I wanted, but am glad I received.”

Outhousers: “This issue is the culmination of everything that Jim Zub has wanted to say about Samurai Jack. He’s always been a symbol of hope and faith for humanity and it has never been more evident than now.”

Rock! Shock! Pop!: “The series was hitting high notes from the start and it consistently did that for the duration. This last issue sends things out on a high note for sure – take a bow, guys – here’s to a job well done.”

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