Samurai Jack #2 Reviews

Samurai Jack #2 arrived on Wednesday and, after our strong debut, what did critics think of our latest story? Read on and find out…


IGN:9.5/10 “Zub, Suriano, Burcham, and Lee have truly created a comic book that any Samurai Jack fan — and Genndy Tartakovsky himself — would be proud of.”

Big Comic Page: 8/10 “It’s uncanny how spot-on Zub has gotten Jack’s voice – you can hear Phil Lamarr’s voice reading the word balloons aloud in your head. Every one of his lines reads like exactly what Jack would say in that given situation.”

Comic Bastards:5/5 “Despite a big name to live up to IDW’s Samurai Jack team does great work again, establishing all the things that made this series such a good time in the first place and adding their own, welcome spin on everything.”

Comic Book Bin:9.5/10 “I love this comic book. It’s one of the best new series of the year.”

Comic Book Therapy:4/5 “Samurai Jack is a great new series. Everyone is firing on all cylinders and presenting a story that is worthy of what came before it.”

Comic Vine: 5/5 “Did you love the first issue? If so, it’s safe to say you’re going to love this one, too. Jim Zub fills the book with action and compliments the chaos with such playful dialogue – it basically feels like a cartoon, and that’s absolutely a good thing.”

Eat Your Comics: “The art by Andy Suriano is fantastic, the story written by Jim Zub is a tight Samurai Jack episode tied into 22 pages and the expectations we are left with increase by the last page.”

eXPress News & Reviews:6/7 “Only two issues in this series shows more promise than most licenses ever get. A mesh of minimalism and ephemeral line scratch Samurai Jack is fun to read while leaving the somber and serious depth the character deserves.”

Herotaku:5/5 “If you’re a fan of the original animated series, Samurai Jack is a must-read. Everything is there from the action, humor, unique characters, and even the openings narrated by Aku from the original series.”

Moar Powah: 5/5 “I am honestly in awe at this comic. Writer Jim Zub has done a great job with the two issues so far. They have felt like such an amazing representation of the animated series, capturing its essence and tone perfectly.”

Nerdlocker: 4/5 “This was very enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to more.”

Nerds on the Rocks: 6/7 “I really enjoyed the overall feel and focus of the story – it was clear and precise and put you directly into Samurai Jack’s shoes.”

Pop Culture Maven: “Thankfully the first issue was no fluke and I am very happy to say that the quality of the second issue is just a great as the first issue.”

Razorfine:4/5 “Once again the art by Andy Suriano and dialogue from writer Jim Zub capture the feel of the original cartoon while continuing their adventure.”

Sean Network: “The writing and art feel exactly like the series and I feel like I’m having the voice actors doing a reading of the storyboard of an episode.”

Shadowhawk’s Shade: 9.5/10 “IDW has a history of putting out such tie-ins and in Jim and Andy’s Samurai Jack, they have another big success on their hands, that’s for sure.”

The Outhousers: “Andy Suriano, brings strong, solid line work to Samurai Jack #2, which gives a sound foundation for Josh Burcham’s colors.”

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