Samurai Jack #12 Reviews


Samurai Jack #12, the second part of our “Quest of the Broken Blade” 5 part epic. What does the online peanut gallery think?

IGN: 9/10 “This may just be the best issue of Samurai Jack yet.”

Comic Bastards: 4/5 “I hope you can make some time for this story arc, because it has a lot of things I love about comics all rolled up into it.”

Rock! Shock! Pop!: “This second instalment has done a very fine job of building on the first, giving us every reason to have high hopes for the next one.”

The Outhousers: “The saying goes, it’s always darkest before dawn and things can only go up from here for Jack.”

Comicosity: 7.5/10 “Zub, Suriano and Beavers have got a fun thing going on in Samurai Jack #12. Fans of the show should love this comic, and it’s a safe read for younger audiences as well.”

Comic Attack: “Jim Zub has been making sure that we enjoy Samurai Jack in comic form just as much as the cartoon. He’s also taking Jack to places that we haven’t seen before both as a character and in his adventures.”

Shadowhawk’s Shade: 9.5/10 “Whether it is Jack skulking through a city controlled by Aku or out on the run or anything, the artists capture him quite well again and again.”

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