Samurai Jack #10 Reviews


Samurai Jack #10 arrived in stores this week with artwork by Andy Kuhn and colors by Josh Burcham.

Since we’ve been extended past our original 5 issue length several times I tend to think of this series in 5’s. Each fifth issue is has some sort of larger statement about what Samurai Jack is all about, in case it’s our final issue. Thankfully we’re renewed through to at least issue 20, but this one was written epic, just in case.

What did the critics think of it?

The Outhousers: “Samurai Jack remains an honest and faithful continuation of Genndy Tartakovsky’s original vision.”

Rock! Shock! Pop!: “…another solid entry in the line.”

Comic Vine: “It’s a thoroughly satisfying read that keeps us entertained and having a total blast while also showing us what makes Jack so special”

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